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Wood Posts and Railing

Important Hand Rail Installation Tips

When you’re choosing wood posts and railing, it’s important to ensure that your handrails are installed properly for safe enjoyment. When you’re thinking about a new hand rail installation, there are a few crucial things to always keep at the top of your mind. First, it’s imperative that all measurements are done accurately and exactly. If the rails are not precisely cut to fit your staircase or railing section, it can result in a wobbly handrail that may also be unsafe. Depending on your location, you may need a professional hand rail installation service like GW Railings to ensure that you’re following the proper codes and safety compliances. All segments of the railing must be measured from the bottom stair nose all the way to the top of the stairs. In addition to the length, each piece must be measured to the correct height. Both the length and height of your handrails must be correct, or else you could end up with an unsafe stair railing or one that’s not in compliance.

After the wood posts and railing are measured, the studs need to be marked. Each individual handrail bracket will need to be mounted to wall studs in order for them to be secure. All brackets should be spaced apart at various distances depending on the size and dimensions of the rail itself. Our professional hand railing installation company knows how to cut and install your rails so that you’re safe and happy. We follow all recommendations depending on the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that every install is done right. The end result will be sturdy, gorgeous wood posts and railings that you’ll love for many years.

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